Project Clean Slate

We are raising money for our first major project, Project: Clean Slate!

Project clean slate is where we are going to acquire a motorcycle, customize the hell out of it, and give it away to a worthy veteran. Uncle Ken and Roadblock both served in the US Military (AF for Ken, Navy for RB), and they know how it can be switching from military life back to civilian life. It is a tough journey for some, especially for those that saw combat. Dealing with PTSD, the pressures of not having the military safety net, finding a job, and depression, are only a few of the challenges our vets deal with every day. So the crew wants to help the best way we know how, get the vet on two wheels! We have multiple revenue generating tactics to assist us in raising money:

  1. Sponsors
  2. Patreon
  3. Merchandise
  4. Donations

Every dime collected from the podcast is going into bank account specifically set up for Project Clean Slate. So how can you help?

  1. Buy from our sponsors –
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    2. NutSac
  2. Become a Patron – Patreon
  3. Purchase our Merchandise – Shirts
  4. Purchase anything from Amazon using our link: Amazon
  5. Make a donation through PayPal (We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, so you can write off your donation on your taxes)-

Win Color Matched Stretched Saddlebags, and support a great cause:

For every $20 donated will enter your name into a drawing for Advanblack’s amazing stretched saddlebags ($600+ value). Use the donate button above to use PayPal to donate. If you do not win, you can rest assured that the money is going to a great cause, and you can write off the donation on your taxes! *** If you win, you are unable to write off the donation*** To see the available colors, please check out Advanblack’s site: Stretched Saddlebags

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help us see this project through from concept to reality.