Harley Davidson Winged Skull Gloves


Roadblock Review:

  • Favorite full fingered gloves for 3 season (south Texas) riding
  • Superior airflow
  • Perfect amount of stretch in the wrist and palms
  • Only lasts about 1.5 years (I have had 4 pairs of differing style)
  • If you find these in the fingerless variation (check your local dealership), those are my favorite gloves period!
  • Palm padding is nice, will break down over time
  • Not good for touchscreen phones
  • Closure is perfect, no gaps for the sun to get you


Hugger Fingerless Black Leather Gloves


Roadblock Review:

  • These are my favorite leather fingerless gloves, I love these during the winter while using my heated grips
  • Finger pulls between pointer and middle finger, and pinky and ring fingers makes removing these gloves a simple task (look for pulls anytime you buy fingerless gloves
  • Closure adds a little pressure to the top of your wrist when you bend up, this took about 3-4 rides to break-in and the pressure reduces
  • The closure blocks the sun from getting through
  • Soft, supple leather
  • Gel padding is decent in the palms, may feel weird in your hand the first few times you grab your grips