Episode 8 – Dan Dan The Fireman Interview

On Episode 8, we are interviewing YouTuber Dan Dan The Fireman!

Speedy Get to know you questions:

  • Tell us little bit about your riding history. How long have you been riding?
  • What was your first bike? (may be answered in 1st question)
  • When did you decide to start a YouTube channel? Why?
  • Where does the name DanDanTheFireman come from?
  • How has leaving the fire department changed your life?

Personal Stuff:

  • What is Dan Dan The Fireman all about?
  • Explain Mental Health, how it has affected you?
  • Has talking about it on YouTube helped or hurt?
  • How do you use your experience from your Yuma and Northwest Fire District positions to better help your audience?
  • How has leaving the fire department affected your mental health?
  • Are there wedding bells for you in Nikki in the near future?

YouTube/Content Creation:

  • As a Harley YouTuber, do you think it’s more difficult to grow your channel as opposed to the other sport bike motovloggers?
  • To you, what has been the biggest factor to building your channel and community?
  • How often do you look at stats and analytics? What metrics do you most focus on? Why?
  • Your channel seems to get a lot of negative comments from the self proclaimed professional riders that nitpick your every move. How does this affect you and how do you respond?  
  • What is your channel going to look like now that you have gone full time as a content creator?

Top 3 Faves!

  • Favorite Bike, money no option
  • Favorite Piece of Gear?
  • Favorite Riding Spot?