Episode 69 – Roadblock and Tracy Talk Women in Motorcycling

With COVID-19 keeping folks away, Roadblock and Tracy decided to sit down and have a candid conversation about women in motorcycling, and obtaining a different perspective about the sport of motorcycling. No fights broke out or divorce papers filed during the making of this episode


Tell us about your riding background

1) How long have you been riding?  Since 2007 so 13 years


2) What got you into riding?  Just watching other women move from the back of the bike to the front motivated me


3) What bikes have you owned?

  • Borrowed friend’s Suzuki Boulevard (not sure what year but I think it was a 2005 or around that)
  • Bob, a 2009 Street Bob all blacked out
  • Casper, a 2012 Heritage Deluxe in white
  • Elvis, a 2015 (I think that’s the year) Roadking in shiny black
  • Edris, a 2018 Roadking Special in matte gunmetal.


4) What is the most important aspect of riding to you?

  • Community & Support: HOG Friday story, Events to serve,
  • FB group Motorcycle Confidence & Exploration #ByWomenForWomen  by Women’s Motorcycle Tours, Conference online 4/17 & 18
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/MotorcycleConfidence.ByWomenForWomen
  • Confidence.  Example/story



5) What have you seen as the major differences in men and women riders and the motorcycle industry?

  • (Generalizing) Women ride more cautiously due to lack of testosterone (haha) but we have different things on our shoulders like family care, etc.
  • The need to keep up
  • Flexibility on rider/passenger
  • Our riding gear and women clothes has really changed
  • Representation


6) What is something you would tell motorcycle dealers they are doing wrong when it

comes to their dealings with women?

  • Getting better but missing the mark.
  • “Ask first” scenario.
  • Women salespeople.


7) What are some tips or advice you could give women who haven’t ridden before or are thinking about getting in the driver position, or just in general for those that ride?

  • Speak up
  • Be honest in your ability, Ride your ride
  • Find the right bike for you
  • Find support
  • Guys, be supportive and patient & don’t mansplain

Anti-Shadetree Questions:

If money was not a concern, what motorcycle would you own? To have my street bob back fully

What is one piece of gear you will never leave without? Helmet & gloves

What is your favorite riding location, or somewhere you would love to ride? Ride w/Norman Reedus