Episode 66 – Roadblock Rants

Today is the Roadblock Rant episode with a little bit of news sprinkled in.

Rant 1:  Equality amongst bikers, No, I am not talking about gender or race, though those are important topics for discussion. No, I am instead talking about why people feel one brand, one type, or one style of motorcycle is supreme.


Ken - This all comes down to preconceived notions generally passed on by those of influence around them. When I reality they are all quality products that focus on their designed use and user. This doesn't have to just be motorcycles but can be cars, phones, tools, etc. 




You can now rent BMW motorcycles in the US, if you are visiting LA or Las Vegas. 

Hertz rental company has brought Hertz Ride to the US, following a successful stint in Europe. Start at about $150/day and going all the way up to $227/day.  Hertz is offering:

  • R NineT Scrambler - $150/day
  • F700 GS / F750 GS - $173/day
  • R1200 GS & RT / R1250GS & RT - $194/day
  • K1600 B - $220/day
  • K1600 GA - $227/day

Hertz ride.com


Rant 2: Talking shit about less skilled riders:  Why are we as humans so quick to belittle a rider for their skill level? Why talk shit when you can teach someone to be a better rider? If you see something, say something. Don’t be a dick about it, be constructive.



KEN - People like to feel superior. You can't lie and say you don't enjoy the feeling, even for a fleeting moment, when you know or can do something better than someone else. Now, if you choose to use that against someone rather than aid them, you're a piece of shit. 



New ECE Helmet Standard is coming soon to Europe: ECE 22.06 will be the first major update to the safety standard in 20 years. This update will include testing changes to better gauge the effects of accidents on the helmets, as well as testing the updates in technology that have happened over the last 2 decades.


What does this mean for us? Not a damn thing because the US’ DOT is a complete joke! All kidding aside, when you are shopping for helmets, look for the ECE 22.05 or SNELL rating. 


Small Rant:

The reason the DOT doesn’t want to change their safety standards is because it will force the DOD to acknowledge the effects of traumatic brain injuries, the ways in which they can come about, and finally the VA would have to start actually helping veterans, this is why the DOT won’t take this seriously… Okay, there is no evidence stating this, and I am salty over the VA’s lack of actual care for vets, and in the time of the COVID-19, conspiracy theories are great.

End Rant


Of all the updates to the testing requirements, I like the fact that the Euro standards board has accepted that helmets must protect people at both high speeds as well as low speeds. Current testing does not look at the safety of a helmet during a low speed collision. This change, as well as the angle of impact testing should make our helmets even safer and actually provide us with a fighting chance when that mommy murder van runs a stop sign because her eyeliner really had to be fixed at that exact moment.


Ken - the fact that motorcycle helmet standards, in the US at least, has essentially gone unchanged in decades is maddening. I think a part of this is because motorcycles are a luxury item.




Rant 3:  Putting stock in what content creators say… At the end of the day, all content creators are entertainers. Yes, there is an artistic piece to what creators are doing, but at the end of the day, we are the equivalent of strippers, we provide a short term reality escape from the every day grind.



Ken - please give me $2 bills



Closing Argument:  Should we ride during the whole social distancing the world is going through?