Episode 64: So Many Topics, So Little Time

Today we are discussing Harley Firing Their CEO, Softail Standard, Roadglide Paint Jobs, and Android Auto coming to 2021 MY Touring and Trikes.

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From RB: I would like to personally thank all of you for reaching out to me once news about my mom’s passing was made public.

So many topics, where do I begin?

Let’s start with 2020 Softail Standard from Harley
The 2004 version of this bike was my first Harley – RB
This is pretty much a Street Bob without the black accessories and costs $1k less.
What is actually different:
Wheels – Chrome instead of black – $150 for powder coating (estimated)
Primary Cover – Brushed Stainless instead of black – $270
License plate – Street Bob has a side mount plate, Standard has a fender mount plate, $170
Exhaust – Who cares, this will be changed out anyways, but the standard’s exhaust has chrome heat shields instead of black – $200 for heat shields
Intake – Standard has a plain circular filter and cover, Street Bob has a more stylized cover
Forks – Lower forks are silver, Street Bob’s are black, upper forks have black shock boots on the Bob, where the Standard has nothing – Lower Forks I couldn’t find online in black, but the chrome from Harley are $450, so the black is probably the same.
Bars and Controls – Blacked out on the Bob, Chrome bars and mirrors on the Standard – $130
Turn Signal Housings – Black on the Bob, Chrome on the Standard – $200
Engine – Black Rocker boxes, Cam Cover, and Transmission Covers – $900

So, in essence, if you plan to black out anything on the bike, go ahead and buy the Street Bob. If you want a color other than black, buy the Street Bob. In essence, buy the Street Bob, it really comes down to roughly $18/month on a 5 year note

Roadglides Get New Paint Schemes:

We already spoke about the radioactive urinating eagle paint scheme, but Harley dropped 2 new “limited edition” paint jobs that simply scream ‘Merica!
Billiard Red and Billiard Blue both with a Stone Washed White secondary color. From Harley’s website: SPECIAL EDITION TWO-TONE PAINT
Going further, going faster and having more epic journeys. That’s the spirit of American touring. The Special Edition Two-Tone Paint honors these core values with two bold color options, each featuring a Stone Washed White stripe running down the bike’s center, and proudly displaying the classic Harley-Davidson #1 race logo.
If you want to throw your leg over one of these beasts, you will have to drop $2,400 more on the Roadglide Special over the vivid black paint, but in reality, this is only a $300 increase over the standard 2 tone paint jobs, but these two colors come with RDRS, which is a $1000 upgrade for the other colors (except the Eagle Eye, which also comes with RDRS). So actually, if you went with these, you would only be spending $1,400 over a base model Roadglide Special, $900 more than the 3 non-black base colors, and $500 more than the Eagle Eye, and you will actually be saving $700 over the basic 2 tone paint options.

Android Auto – Finally Coming!!
For all of our Android fans out there, you will soon be able to have Android auto on your GTS Boombox. Harley released a press notice stating that beginning with the 2021 model year touring bikes and trikes, including the CVOs, with the upgraded stereo, will ship with the capability to use Android auto. This should have happened when Apple CarPlay was introduced, but hey, better late than never. Also mentioned in the press release was that HD will make a firmware upgrade available this summer to update all the existing GTS yourself using a USB thumb drive. Now, for all of you running the Boom GTS from 2014 to 2018, Harley has made the 2019 and newer GTS compatible for your bikes. That upgrade will only cost you $1,900…Or you can get an even better stereo with the Alpine ILX-W650 which can already do Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for $490 (but you will lose the info part of the infotainment system.

Harley’s CEO Has Been Canned:
Of course, CEO’s aren’t officially fired, they are “resigned” and Matt Levatich was resigned by the BoD, and now a temporary CEO has taken the reigns, and he is earning $2.5 mil / year salary, and if he stays until Harley locates a new CEO, he could receive a bonus of $3mil. worth of stock. Now to Matt, his base pay in 2018 was $1.07mil, meaning his severance package would see him getting around $2.15mil, plus his benefits for the next 18 months. Matt was at Harley since 1994 and became the CEO in 2015.

Closing Argument:
Who would make a great CEO for Harley-Davidson? (Not a name, but a description)