Episode 63: What Cruiser Holds Its Value The Longest – Perfect Starter Cruiser?

Today we are looking at what cruisers hold their value the best.

The test:

Using NADA as my research tool, I tested the average retail value of 10 popular motorcycles, and the results were a little shocking, check it out!

Year:  2019

Location: San Antonio, TX

Options: Base Options Only



Harley Street Bob

Price New:  $14,549

Price Today: $14,455

% Change: -0.65%

Harley Road Glide

Price New:  $22,989

Price Today: $21,610

% Change: -6%

Harley Street Glide

Price New:  $22,689

Price Today: $21,420

% Change: -5.6%

Harley CVO Road Glide

Price New:  $42,539

Price Today: $39,450

% Change: -7.3%

Harley Sportster Iron 1200

Price New:  $10,449

Price Today: $9,715

% Change: -7.03%

Indian FTR

Price New:  $12,999

Price Today: $11,640

% Change: -10.46%

Indian Chieftain

Price New:  $22,249

Price Today: $19,820

% Change: -10.92%

Honda Goldwing

Price New:  $27,000

Price Today: $22,720

% Change: -15.85%

Ducati X Diavel S

Price New:  $24,595

Price Today: $20,935

% Change: -14.88%

Honda Shadow 750

Price New:  $7,699

Price Today:  $7,050

% Change: -8.43%


Perspective:  An important bit of information to understand here, the average new car loses on average 20% in the first year. None of the motorcycles were at or over the average, so that is a good thing; however, the Honda Goldwing, our loser of the group came in just shy of losing 16%, and our winner, the Harley Street Bob loss less than 1% in the first year. 1% loss tells me that the street bob could actually be the perfect beginner bike. When we buy our first bike, we typically buy on the side of caution, meaning we buy smaller CC bikes, with fewer options, and we rarely change much on it. This is a starter bike, and with that, folks don’t want to drop a ton of money in changing something they aren’t 100% sure they are going to love.  For those that make it through the first year, and they truly ride, it is typically time to upgrade. Thinking about it from that perspective, the Harley Street Bob may be the perfect starter bike.


First, the Street Bob is built on a FX Softail platform, meaning there are a ton of aftermarket goodies available. It comes with a Milwaukee 8 107 CI motor and 6 speed transmission. These are two areas I hear many folks complain about with the Sportster platform, not enough motor (esp. the 883) and no 6th gear.


Second, making the Street Bob fit a person and their riding style is super easy to do. Updating the seat to a reach seat or a tall boy seat allows for more rider comfort for taller and shorter riders. With the end of the Dyna platform, more and more younger riders are turning to the softail version of the Street Bob, which means there is a high demand for the aftermarket to continue supporting the FX Softails for a long time to come.


Finally, a first time rider won’t need to upgrade to a bigger bike until they reach the point where serious miles becomes a big part of their life. The next logical step up from a Street Bob would be into either a FL Softail platform or even a jump to a touring platform.  Even as a seasoned rider, I personally have a blast on the Street Bob, it is an awesome jack of all trades bike, and its very forgiving, making it a great starter bike.