Episode 62 – 2020 Harley-Davidson “Mid-Year” Disappointment

Today we are talking about Harley’s 2020 Mid-Year Release.

Harley has changed the way they describe their bikes…

Before, They would call them out by family: Sportster, Street, Touring, Softail, etc.

Now, they have it broke out:
– Street:
– Sportsters
– Street 750
– Electric:
– Live Wire
– Cruisers:
– All softails, except Heritage
– Touring:
– All touring bikes
– And the Heritage Classic
– Trike:
– All trikes

Bike Updates:
– 30th Anniversary Fat Boy – Looks a lot like the 2016 Fatboy S

– Road Glide Special with Eagle Eye limited edition paint (Boomer Special)

– CVO Road Glide – Only color is Sand Dune

New(ish) parts:
– New Fused Handlebars (black and chrome, high and low heights)
– The Fused Handlebar (Higher version)
– Rise: 13.3”
– Pullback: 5.1”
– Full Width: 39”

– The Fused Handlebar Lo (Why can’t they spell a word the right way?)
– Rise: 10.1”
– Pullback: 6.5”
– Full Width: 35”

– 80 Grit line – New floorboards, brake pedal pad, and passenger pegs

– Endgame Line – Grips, foot pegs, shift and brake levers, brake and shift pedals/pegs

– Streamliner Line – Heated and non-heated grips, floorboards, brake and shifter pegs/pads, and foot pegs, as well as a floorboard insert for passenger floorboards (matches the Street Glide Special rider boards)

Harley-Davidson Footwear Review:
Roadblock: I was given a pair of Harley-Davidson Bateman’s to test out.

I must admit, I have not had great experiences with Riding Shoes.
I have owned two pairs of the Speed and Strength Black Nine Moto Shoes, both of which were super comfy for all day wear, have some armor, but the sole is complete garbage on the streets.

Here are the highlights of what will be coming up in our review video:
– The shoes are heavy, heavier than my full height leather boots (think western style boots)
– They are comfortable for short walking, like into a store or restaurant, but not so comfortable that I could walk around a rally all day
– Finally, the sole is complete SHIT!
– I will be putting out a full review video in the near future, so be sure you are subscribed to the Between2Wheels YouTube channel