Episode 6 – Softails, Roadblock Returns From Asia, Indian Motorcycles

Episode 6:

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1. Justin Speaks About Bikes

a.  Test Rides Completed - Bike 'n' Bird YouTube Link

b.  Upcoming Test Rides

c.  Roadblock Drops a surprise on the hosts

2. Roadblock Speaks About Asia Trip

a.  Prices of Harleys in Asia compared to the US.

b.  Electric Scooter Mafia

c.  Bikes vs Autos in Asia, the right of way being yielded or stolen by bikes

3. Ken Discusses Indian Motorcycle

a.  Recall/Maintenance of Scout braking system - Link to see if you are affected

b.  Indian wins X-Games’ Harley Flat Track race

c.  Indian ridden bikes have won every major American Flat Track race of 2018… where is Harley’s comeback to the sport they were touting last year? Check it out here