Episode 59 – 2020 IMS Recap and Welder Bootcamp

Today we are recapping our 3rd annual trip to the International Motorcycle Show in Dallas and what happens when Chris Moos teaches welding.

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Dallas IMS:
JB: An excuse to get out of town and see some bikes. Love seeing custom bikes. New harley motor was pretty dope.
UK: Getting to see in person the Pan America and Bronx. I know that many people have seen these two bikes in person, but I know a lot more have not seen it. Seeing it in person really let’s you get a feel, even though they were in glass boxes, for what the bike is. And we got to meet a listener and his family.

UK: FUCK DALLAS. Also, it was much smaller this year. Less dealers and less vendors. No Ducati, no Triumph, no BMW.
JB: Echoing UK, FUCK DALLAS. I had my wife drive 90% of the time we were there because she already misses exits so at least it wouldn’t piss her off. Noticeably smaller than previous years.

Bike Show: (Read off categories and show images of the winners)

Custom Classic: Winner was Shelby Combs with OKC Chop Shop with their 1975 Harley KLCH
Custom Street: Winner was Kevin Anderle with a 2006 Sportster 1200 – Runner up was Motorcycle Missions with their beautiful side car mounted road king from the Bring It Home event.
Freestyle: Winner was Timothy Scates with a 2006 ASVE Bobber
People’s Choice: Winner was Timothy Scates with a 2019 Harley BMF.

Welders Bootcamp
Okay, so it wasn’t really a bootcamp on all things welding. Justin, please explain what we were doing and what he was teaching us:


UK: IMS needs a new Texas location. I think that Dallas has had it’s run and it’s becoming old news for the people there. They should take it to Austin, Houston, or San Antonio.
JB: Totally agree on location. I feel that Austin would knock it out of the park especially for brands that were no shows this year. Plus it would give people in 2 metro areas the opportunity to see the show if they’re not able to drive 4+ hours, get a hotel, etc.

Closing Argument: Will you go to the 2021 IMS Show? Why / Why Not?