Episode 58 – 2020 is Here!!!

Today we are going over our favorite episodes/moments of 2019 and talking about the plans for 2020.

Project Clean Slate: In 2019 we raised nearly $1,000 for Project Clean Slate. We are still short of our goal of $10,000 to start the build. If you would like to help with this project, we have multiple options available:

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  • Enter to win color matched saddlebags: Our good friends over at Advanblack have donated a set of color matched stretched saddlebags for your Harley. Don’t have a touring bike? That’s okay too, if you are the winner, you could order these bags in vivid black and sell them for a profit on ebay, or you could give them as a gift to your family/friends. At only $20/entry, it is hard to pass up.
  • Shop using our discount code and links: When we post products that we are using, we try our hardest to locate the products on either Get Lowered or Amazon and provide a product link. That product link provides the show a little bit of a commission to help us with PCS and there is no added cost to you.
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The key thing to remember, everything that has to do with us putting on the show comes out of Roadblock’s pocket. Every penny we earn from the show goes to Project Clean Slate. Also, if you make a donation or become part of the Patreon, you will receive a tax write off for charitable giving, since we are a non-profit organization.

2019 Favorite Moment / Episode

  • UK: My favorite thing is the flubs and fuck ups. Some the listeners and viewers get to hear and see and some they don’t. There is no shortage of these and they usually, not always, make the recording sessions more fun. I really like the interviews as well especially the off the air stuff we have to keep secret.
  • JB: I love the recap episodes (Big Bend, Arkansas, etc). Basically any story where we just story tell about a big event or trip.
    -no research
    -entertaining (imo)
    -basically just BSing with buddies
    -creating content without having to work for it
  • RB: First, every episode that came out after getting the new microphones and mixer. The sound quality drastically increased and the workflow is so much easier. Now, besides that, I truly enjoyed all of our interview episodes the best. And it is a toss up between the interviews Chris Moos from Mooscraft and the Ornery One and Ornery Squaw. Yes, both of these interviews took place in the studio so having the conversations with these 3 amazing folks live felt more personable and gave us better content for our listeners.

2020 Plans:

  • RB: For B2W I plan to make more content than just the podcast and videos of the podcast. I am also planning to get YouTube exclusive content. The focus will still be on motorcycles, but probably more from the biker perspective, the everyday people, or to completely walk all over Connor’s podcast concept, I will be focusing on some Real Ass People (if you have never heard of the Real Ass People podcast, look it up, it is a fun show and they even had Uncle Ken and I on for an episode). For the show, I think we will still focus on collaborating with other content creators and influencers who are keeping the pulse on motorcycling as a sport, like we did with Adam Sandoval, John Maxwell, Ryan Urlacher, and Shadetree, but for B2W Television, I want to get rider stories, changes they are seeing, and really focusing on younger riders. For other content, I think it would be good to also show some of the behind the scenes antics we get up to and show more about who we are when we are not talking into microphones and cameras. I have resolved to move Between2Wheels out of just being a podcast, and really focusing on us being a media company. I am also considering going back to writing. I used to have 2 “popular” blogs for privacy and security for lay people, and I have been getting the itch to do some more article writing, so you may start seeing posts on the website for that. My final 2020 resolution is to be more accessible, as in, going to more local area events where motorcycling is involved, and hitting all of the major Texas motorcycle rallies. Also, this year we will see the podcast cross the epic 100,000 download mark, which if my forecast is correct, should occur before June. I currently have a bunch of ideas for videos I would like to do, so hopefully I can get a master class from Justin on proper video editing, because let’s face it, I am horrible at it.
  • JB: I hate to sound like every female on facebook but I’ve got big plans and expectations for 2020. I plan to compete in a full season of the Texas Offroad Championship Series and hopefully compete for a season title. I plan on running a 5k just because. I’ll be doing my first solo bike trip covering 7 states in 7 days. I’ll be finishing my 4th bike build and more likely than not starting my 5th (or 6th if PCS hits it’s goal). I plan on focusing on my welding and fabricating abilities which could open up numerous opportunities. I’ve also decided to pick up painting again (helmets mostly). Annnnnnddddd I will most likely be going back to school to get my bachelors degree in data analytics. All while still providing constant content on the channel and tryin to make baybehs.
  • UK: For 2020 I’d like to get out and ride more and be able to meet more people and see who’s out there making a change in the motorcycle world.

Closing Argument: Next week we will be discussing the 2020 Internal Motorcycle Show in Dallas, what was the favorite thing you saw at the event?