Episode 57 – The Scooter Episode

Today we are talking scooters, those pesky little bastards showing up in every major city and even some small towns.

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Before our listeners shut off their subscription to our podcast, hear us out! This episode is Roadblock’s fault!!

The old adage goes: “Scooters are like big girls, they are fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your friends to find out…” Well, in the age of millennials there is nothing wrong with big girls, and there is nothing wrong with scooters! Special shoutout to MissMiaFit on IG.

Anyways, some info that is important to know about why scooters are appearing everywhere:
Why we are seeing all of these damn scooters: You can blame Lyft and Uber for this. Because of the popularity of these 2 ride sharing tech companies, new Silicon Valley startups started trying out other forms of mobility (the industry is actually called micro-mobility) using the same technology and business practices as Lyft and Uber.
In fact, one of the biggest scooter firms, Bird, was founded by a former executive of both Lyft and Uber.

So why so many: You can blame Bird for this, as they launched the Bird Platform in November of 2018, which lets other firms (called operators) use the Bird technology to run their own fleet of scooters. By the way, in July this year, Bird was valued at $2.5 billion, so where this is money there will be a following.

Now we see that there are 6 popular Scooter Hockers that you may be seeing:

Okay, so there is a little bit of information as to why our cities have been overrun by these damn fun to ride little bastards. Now, for consumers like us, which ones would be get for ourselves:

Stand up Scooters:
RB: Dualtron “Thunder” by Minimotors

  • 50mph capable (though legally limited to
  • 15mph, that can be fixed though)
  • 75 mile range (weight of rider dependent)
  • 35 amp-hour battery
  • ABS disk brakes
  • 265 lbs capability
  • $3,790
  • www.minimotorsusa.com

Ken: NANROBOT D4+ Powerful Electric Scooter

  • 45-55mph speed
  • 40-43 mile range
  • 60v 38 amp-hr battery
  • 11 inch Tires,
  • Two 1800W Motors
  • 330lb capacity
  • $3199
  • www.nanrobot.com

Sit-down Scooters (which includes the old school styles)


  • 20mph
  • 20 mile range
  • Oversized air filled tires, hydraulic brakes, led lights, key ignition
  • 60v 18ah lithium battery
  • 2000w motor
  • 450lb capacity
  • $1660
  • www.urbanscooters.com

RB: 2019 HD Electric Scooter from Phat Scooters.

  • Has 3 ride modes based on the terrain you want to ride in, yes it can go off road, but they are 8, 13, and 20 MPH
  • Custom color fenders and decks
  • 19 amp-hour battery
  • ABS disk brakes
  • 1500 watt wheel hub motor
  • 440 lbs capability
  • $3,200
  • www.phatscooters.com

Ken: Honda Ruckus

  • 49cc liquid cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Electric start
  • 1.3 gal tank. 114 mpg
  • Lots of aftermarket parts
  • $2750
  • www.powersports.honda.com

RB: Vespa GTS Super 300 Notte
All black design, more dark than the Indian Roadmaster Darkhorse

  • 2.2 gallon gas tank
  • 21.2 hp @ 7,750 RPM
  • Over 140 mil range
  • Top Speed in the 70mph range
  • Classic styling meets the tech age
  • $7,300
  • www.vespa.com

Closing Argument: Is the micro-mobility industry a good thing for our cities?

From our family here at B2W to you and yours, Merry Xmas, and we will see you in the 2020