Episode 54 – 2020 American V-Twin Shakeup

On today’s episode, we talk about the shake up happening in the 2020 American cruiser lineups


The new PowerPlus engine


-122hp/128 ft lbs
-liquid cooled
-4 valves per cylinder
-all new cylinder head
-single overhead cam
-11:1 compression (up from 9.5)
-improved intake and exhaust ports

Thunderstroke 116

-126 ft lbs
-air cooled
-Will come standard on:
-Springfield Dark Horse
-Chieftain Dark Horse
-Chieftain Limited
-Chieftain Elite
-Roadmaster Dark Horse

New For 2020
-redesigned Ride Command Infotainment
-now offers traffic and weather overlays on GPS

Roadmaster Dark Horse

-Starting at 28,999
-Includes new 116 thunderstroke
-”blacked out”

The Challenger:  Available in 3 different “trims” (standard, dark horse, limited)


-New powerplus 108 liquid cooled vwtin
-inverted forks with dual disc brembos
-adjustable Fox rear suspension
-full led lights all around
-3 riding modes
-Comes in 1 color (Titanium Metallic) starting at $21,999

Dark Horse

-same engine, frame, suspension, infotainment as the standard
-Available in 3 colors (Black, Sandstone, and white) all of which have red lined wheels
-Blacked out styling
-Smart Lean Technology (abs, traction control, yada yada)
-Starting at $28,249


-literally the same bike as the dark horse with chrome accents
-available in 3 colors (black red and blue) all of which also have red lined wheels
-Starting at $28,749

AdvanBlack has hooked us up with a set of bags to raffle off to help us raise money for Project Clean Slate, where we get a Harley, customize the hell out of it, and give it away to a veteran. Here is the bonus, with Between2Wheels becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you get to write off your donation on your taxes as charitable giving.


First let’s clear some air about the new livewire. It seems that in typical social media fashion, the “production issue” with the new livewire was completely blown out of proportion. I’ve heard so many rumors and misinformed people I needed to take a second to clear up the air. Production was temporarily suspended to essentially confirm that an issue they found on one bike was indeed specific to that single bike. The bike is not being discontinued, they are not scrapping the bike, bikes weren’t catching fire. They caught the one bike before it left the factory and have had zero reports of charging issues since.

Now that THAT’s out of the way…

The Revolution Max

-Liquid Cooled
-60 degree v twin
-975cc variation
-115hp/ 70ft lbs
-1250cc variation
-145hp/ 90ft lbs

Pan America

-ADV focused bike
-available in both variations? (conflicting sources)
-potentially custom designed brakes (Brembo) and custom tires (Michelin)


-naked streetfighter
-IC Livewire?
-available in both variations? (conflicting sources)
-potentially custom designed brakes (Brembo) and custom tires (Michelin)

Closing Argument:
What do you think the price point will be for the Bronx and the PanAmerica?

Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro
158hp/94ft lb

Ducati Monster
147hp/91ft lb