Episode 53 – Lone Star Rally Recap

On today's episode, we talk about the experiences that the 2 better looking hosts had at the 2019 Lone Star Rally

What is Lone Star Rally
-Annual Rally held in Galveston

This year
-Between 400,000-425,000 people attended
-over 150,000 bikes
-Has an economic impact of $115 million
-Performances from the Charlie Daniels Band
-53 people arrested during the rally
-104 traffic stops
-23 major accidents, 7 taken to the hospital, 2 fatalities
(all numbers according to Galveston PD)

Our Experience

34 degrees when we left
Warmed up to about 60 when we got there
Stupid Toll Roads….. Cop Story
Ate some pizza, drank some whiskey
Went to bed

Got an early start to get to HD tent
Turns out our HD buddy who me met at TX had called ahead
Rode the livewire
Riding modes
Regen (engine braking)
Worth the price?
Went to the strand
Bagger bros
Stopped by Ciro Tent for meet and greet
UK got spotted a ton
Seeing the indian challenger
Back to the hotel
Ken and my dad going back and forth

Another early start
JB to Austin for F1, UK back home
JB getting someone arrested at F1
Traffic back from F1

AdvanBlack has hooked us up with a set of bags to raffle off to help us raise money for Project Clean Slate, where we get a Harley, customize the hell out of it, and give it away to a veteran. Here is the bonus, with Between2Wheels becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you get to write off your donation on your taxes as charitable giving.

First all bike trip (no follow cars, etc)
More difficult with a spouse and expensive helmet
Expectations vs reality
Pretty spot on
Cold weather made it a bit more difficult
Nelson Rigg luggage
Scratched JB bike

Pros and Cons of LSR

  • Tons of bikes
  • Lots of different vendors
  • Car show
  • Set up well (i.e. food and drink vendors took priority and there was never really a line)
  • Cheap (no tickets!)
  • Gorgeous location (seawall is dope)


  • Unpredictable weather time
  • Loud af
  • Crowded
  • Not enough bike parking
  • People blocking in bikes (UK story)
  • Bad signage (didn’t know where anything was, just had to walk around and find stuff)
  • Shitty merch (definitely boomer designed)

Closing Argument:
Would you go back to LSR?