Episode 52 – Interview with Ryan Urlacher from Law Abiding Biker

On today’s episode, I am sitting down with Mr. Law Abiding Biker himself, Ryan Urlacher

For transparency, we already did this show about 4 weeks or so ago; however, I had computer issues and we all sounded like robots with a cold. So Ryan, thank you for putting up with my amateur ways. 

Get to know you questions:

  • Where are you from?
  • What got you into riding?
  • What was your first street bike?
  • What bike(s) do you currently ride?
  • What is your profession?

Let’s Jump into Law Abiding Biker:

  • What is law abiding biker all about?
  • What was your journey to turn this concept into a business model?
  • You have published over 219 podcast episodes, what inspires you for your content?
  • With nearly 430 youtube videos uploaded, what do you find is more fun for you as a creator, podcasts or videos?
  • Let’s talk about the Law Abiding Biker store:
    • Back in December 2017 you had a fire at your warehouse… How devastating was that for your business?
    • For your products, you are actually carrying the inventory, and not drop shipping from the manufacturer or distributor, how does this model help the customer who is buying from your store?
    • Do you have a brick and mortar store that someone can come and shop, or is it 100% online sales?

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Let’s dive into the MC world a little bit:

  • You were the president of a Blue Knights chapter for nearly 3 years, and now you are the President and founder of the Sworn Few MC. What caused you to start your own MC?
  • Is it difficult for a LE MC to get going in the world of 1% dominant clubs?
  • What headaches have you had dealing with that side of the biker culture and your day job?
  • Do you ever get folks who question your “Law Abiding” concept with the stigma of being in an MC?

What is the biker revolution all about?

The Anti-Shadetree Questions:

  • If money was not a concern – What motorcycle would you own?
  • Where would be your dream ride?
  • What is one piece of gear that you never leave home without?