Episode 51 – Random Harley News and Facts You May Not Have Known

On today’s episode, we are going over some random Harley stuff.

Live Wire – Production Halted
Charging system had some issue, so Harley halted production, just to find out it was on a single bike. Way to go Harley!

5 Things Harley made that we didn’t know:

  • Rockets
    From the 60’s to the late 80’s – Harley, under AMF, created the LR-64 drone rocket engine to help the US Military simulate ICBMs (probably Russian)
  • Tomahawk Boats:
    For 4 years, Harley-Davidson made Tomahawk boats, a family style boat that came in lengths from 11-foot to 18-foot. Due to the need of fiberglass in Harley’s other projects, they discontinued the boat.
  • The Forecar:
    Who needs a side car when you put your gear and people in front of the rider? From 1913-1915, Harley produced the forecar for commercial delivery vehicles. This thing had a 600lb payload capacity, where the steering was connected to 2 front wheels… So this was the earliest version of the Can-Am Spyder?
  • Lawn Mower Engines:
    In 1929, Harley produced a single engine lawn mower engines for the Worthington Mower Company to power the Overgreen model of lawnmowers (first generation of golf course and commercial lawn mowers
  • Utilicar:
    In 1966 Harley unveiled their utilicar, a three wheeled golf cart looking vehicle that could carry 750lbs of cargo and came in 2 models, gas and electric.

Harley Logo Change
To better adjust to the styling needs of the new millennium by updating their logo to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of those who are more style oriented.
Minimalistic and clean design is meant to look more balanced and modern
Harley-Davidson Scooter and Mountain Bike
To go with the pushbike for toddlers and Jasso, Harley is also bringing an electric mountain bike and a scooter. They had X-games gold medalist Jacko Strong taking the mountain bike through its paces on a snow-covered mountain, saying he would love to take it on the dirt and really have some fun with it, as the torque was insane.

The scooter is a decent looking banana seat scooter that is quiet and smooth, according to Jack Mitrani, one of the Xgames hosts.

Harley-Davidson VR-1000 Coming Back?

The motor company released its 5 year release plan, and in one of the images, you can clearly see a legit sportbike in the background. No specs are out, but the bike looks a lot like the live wire, but with a gas motor. Harley attempted this back in the 80’s with the VR-1000, but that was a short lived failure. The concepts, matched by a new Harley patent includes the bubble fairing of ole.

Closing Argument:
Would you buy an electric scooter?