Episode 5 – Harley-Davidson Predictions 2019 and Beyond!

Episode 5 – Harley Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

2019 Predictions:

  • Sportster Update?
    • 2 years of upgrades to Softail and Touring opens the doors to a refresh for the sportsters
    • Bronx (urban commando?)
    • 48X (brakes and suspension upgrade like the other ‘X’ models?)
    • Pan America (sporty touring model maybe?)
    • May not see them at all this year
  • Live wire as a mid-year launch?
    • Are we ready for an electric bike?
    • What would you want to see from an electric bike that bears the HD moniker?
    • Sticking with a brand-new frame, or utilize the existing sportster frame?
    • “HD Revalation” trademark for electric motorcycle tech (2-2018)
  • Color Options:
    • More denim in 2019?
    • More cosmic color options? Roadblock wants to see a cosmic blue on a Roadglide!

Future of Harley:

  • With Indian taking on a good share of new cycle sales, where does that put HD?
  • What about the push from HD CEO for the used bike market?
    • HDFS financing to become better for the used market, will we see a paper war between the financial institutions?
    • Buy used as a first bike to later upgrade to a newer bike?
    • Would you trust a used bike that you don’t know the history of?
  • Advertising/Marketing to the Millennials
    • Get out of UFC?
    • Place advertisements in locations that we will actually see
    • Push for better integration of younger riders into the HD culture
    • Design clothing to meet the demand and styling of younger riders who don’t care about leather vests, or at least add safety features to their leather to appeal to the more safety conscious young riders