Episode 45 – The Fans’ Episode

On todays episode, we cover fan suggested topics

From desanto2 on Instagram: Each of you picks one beginner, intermediate, and advanced riding skill and explain how you learned it, why it’s important, and when you use it.

From cmonty48 on Instagram: Bad dealership experiences


From a former guest of ours Chris Moos: Transcontinental transitioning trannies and their struggle to shift into their new self identified lives as sportster owners.

From Mike Gibson on Facebook
After group riding with an overnight stay camping/hotel/air b&b..etc...what's the best beer, bourbon, drink, cigar to wind down with your buds and chill?

From Joshua Maurer on Facebook
I'd love to hear how you guys got started in group riding. I've personally gone down every avenue and still haven't found the "right fit" as far as people who like to do the kind of riding I do. Best places/ways/groups to use, any apps or facebook groups that you have created or used to get word out and organize group rides. I know you did a segment on planning the actual ride but how about a segment on how to get a group together.

Saddlebag Giveaway: For everyone who donates $20 to Project Clean Slate, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a set of Advanblack color matched (to your Harley) stretched saddlebags. We are limiting this to only 500 entries, and if you want your name entered more than once, donate an additional $20 for every entry you would like. And remember, if you don’t win, you can rest assured that the money is going to a great cause, and it is a tax write off. Head over to betweentwowheels.com, click the project clean slate link, and donate today!

From pirateering_c on instagram:
T or A?

Closing Argument:
Do you think that social media as a whole is helping or hurting the overall biker community. Why or why not?