Episode 43 – The 2020 Harley-Davidsons Are Here

Today we are going over the new 2020 models from Harley-Davidson.

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Jumping in toe first:
Live Wire is here, nothing special to note that we haven’t already discussed.
Street Models – No real change, just paint options. The prices didn’t move at all

Sportsters – they shrank the offering from 7 bikes in 2019 to only 4!
What is still here:
Iron 883
Iron 1200
What is gone:
1200 Custom
48 Special

RB – Is this a sign of the waning Sportster? We spoke about this during our predictions episode and it looks like they could be getting ready for a relaunch of the Sportster family. Again, I don’t feel they will be getting rid of it as it is the longest running model family for Harley, but I do see them moving to the modular motor that is slated for the Streetfighter and Pan America.

JB –

UK – I dont think the Sportster is waning. Too many people like it. It’s a great entry Harley and easily customized.

Softails – They added 1 bike to the lineup this year giving us a total of 11!
What is still here:

FXDR 114 – Price drop of around $2,300
Fat Boy – 114 only
Breakout – 114 only
Fat Bob – 114 only
Low Rider
Sport Glide
Street Bob

What’s New? Low Rider S – 114 only

RB – I see a lot of price adjustments, both up and down. With the models that only have the 114 this year, we saw a small increase, while the others were slightly moved +/- $300

UK – I’m not entirely surprised that not much happened with the softtails especially since they just recently changed the frame.

JB –

Touring Models – They knocked 2 touring models out this year only leaving us with 9
What’s Still Here:
Electra Glide Standard
Street Glide
Street Glide Special
Ultra Limited
Road King
Road King Special
Road Glide
Road Glide Special
Road Glide Ultra
What’s Gone:
Electra Glide Classic
Ultra Limited Low

UK – This was something we knew was going to happen. The models weren’t really popular as I understand and the Low wasn’t that low so it really didnt help people with shorter legs.

RB – We saw this coming I believe. No real change, just dropped some of the configuration models probably due to low sales numbers, and these features can be added in the P&A department

JB –

CVO – They Only Have 3 CVO’s this year, same as last year; however, They dropped the Road Glide and went with a trike?

JB –
UK – I’m kind of sad about no RG, even though I’ll never buy one, but I dont ever recall a trike CVO so that’s cool.

RB – It makes sense I guess, the only people that can really afford a CVO are also the ones that would need a trike. This is the most expensive factory HD I can recall in recent history. If the buyer is California based, they will be spending around $49,500 for this trike.

Closing Argument:
What is your favorite change for the MY2020 Release, and any surprises?