Episode 41 – The Chris Moos Interview

Today we are sitting down in the studio with Chris Moos of Mooscraft.

With only 6 years in the motorcycle industry, this man has definitely made his mark on the scene. From placing in prestigious bike shows such as the IMS, to being featured on the Discovery Channel’s Biker Live.

Where are you from?
What got you into riding motorcycles?
What was your first bike?
What are your thoughts on how the industry (HD and Indian in specific) is evolving. Pros and Cons?
What got you into fabrication?
Tell us the story about how you obtained your first welder?
The spongebob project, what was it like working with 2 multimillion dollar companies? Better or worse than local small projects?

What is your current involvement with Motorcycle Missions?
Do you have a favorite project that stands out from the rest?
The Dynot, tell us about that monster. What was the inspiration behind it? Was it all planned out or did you just build as you went?
Walk us through your creative process. Do you have a roadmap you follow or is each project a different approach?
Outside of motorcycles, what else makes up most of your business?
Most notable experience within the industry?
What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is wanting to get into fabricating?

Where can people find out more about you and your work?