Episode 40 – Biker Tech

Today we are talking biker tech, what we like, what we don’t, and what we want to see in the near future.

The Jarvish X-AR Helmet:

Why Do You Like or Hate This?
Ken – I feel like at these prices something got the short aka cheap end of the stick.
Jonny – Rider information is important, but there is so much shit going on with this helmet that I feel will distract the rider. I love the concept here, but I don’t think the practicality is really there

Dainese D-Air Rider Airbag System – Road Bike System – Various styles, price range: $850-$1700 for jackets, full suits range $2,200-$4,500
The software and its algorithm are the core of the electronic control unit. The brain of D-air®, that detects and analyses data from the sensors 1.000 times per second.

Developed for over 20 years and adopted in MotoGP races since 2007, our algorithm has been refined in order to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety.

Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, Dainese D-air® recognizes the dynamic of a fall
and it activates in the event of different hazardous situations.

Head-on and lateral collisions
From all directions.

Battery Life: 8 hours in use, 26 hours in standby, 4 hours to fully charge it

Bluetooth Comms and the Future of them
Sena Lineup
Cardo Lineup

Bike Dash Cam –
MotoProCam Dual Cam 1080P