Episode 4 – Not Your Daddy’s Safety Report

Episode 4 – Not Your Daddy’s Safety Report

The Virginia Tech Report

  • Quick facts about the report:
    • 2016 report, data was collected for 2 years
    • 100 Riders ages 21 to 79, Arizona, California, Florida, and Virginia,
    • 366,000+ miles were ridden
    • 41 cruiser class
    • 38 touring class
    • 21 sport class
    • Average riding experience was nearly 17 years
    • Average miles ridden per year was around 7,800
  • Results or findings
    • 30 total crashes
    • 122 near crashes
    • 55% of the riders experienced either a crash or near crash
  • Interesting facts
    • Low speed crashes are the most typical crash type that ended in ground impact, 57% of the total crashes
    • The next most common types of crashes were leaving the road and/or another vehicle crossing the path of the rider
    • Jonathan: The one I found interesting is that only 7% of the crashes were from being rear ended
    • From a near crash incident perspective, going around a curve, the majority of the near crashes happened by crossing over to the left side.
    • Nearly 60% of the total crash/near crashes occurred from being rear ended or being side swiped by vehicles travelling in the same direction
  • Odds of being in an accident on the bike by risk factor:
    • 40x more likely to be in an accident at an uncontrolled intersection (no light or stop sign)
    • 18x more likely if you are an aggressive rider
    • 12x more likely if you are trying to avoid a road hazard
    • 10x more likely if you are inexperienced or not paying attention
    • 10x more likely if there is gravel or dirt on the road
    • 9x more likely in a parking lot or driveway
  • Odds of crashing due to locality – Actually does not matter much, though residential areas have the highest likelihood by a small margin
  • Right curves, either in the roadway or making a turn, you are 2x more likely to be in an accident
  • Most crashes occur at intersections and in curves

Our Crash:

  • The crash heard around the world (of youtube)
  • At an intersection, which we now know we are 40x more likely to experience a crash event, I was rear ended by Justin.
  • The factors of the crash
    • Flawed situational awareness
    • Lack of communication
    • Fatigue
    • Not letting the leader lead
  • Handling of the crash
    • Check to see if everyone involved is okay
    • Move bikes out of the roadway
    • Keep your cool
    • Take a breather and calm your adrenaline rush
    • Stay friends
    • Start a podcast


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