Episode 36 – What Are Our Dream Rides?

Episode 36 – What are our dream rides?


A special shoutout to a fallen brother in arms, avid B2W fan, and biker, On Sunday June 23rd, MSgt Branson Prior of the US Air Force died at the age of 48 at his home near San Antonio. Our condolences to Sandra, Gwyneth, and Addison for your loss. We had an opportunity to ride with Branson during our Indian test rides day, and he was an awesome dude to hang out with. His friends and fellow Airmen have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for his family. If anyone would like to provide support, a link to the go fund me page is in the show notes.

Go Fund Me Link For Branson’s Family

What do we look for in a “Dream Ride”

  • Justin – changing scenery, very technical roads, good road conditions
  • Ken – I want scenery and things to see and do off the bike.
  • RB – I want scenery, technical roads, preferably mountains/massive hills, and things to do off the bike.

What location would be a dream ride for On Road Bikes

  • Ken – I want to ride PCH from end to end.
  • RB – I would love to ride the Pikes Peak region. I have seen videos and pictures of the area and think it would be amazing. That area has quite a bit of technical roads, huge mountains to ride up, and being close to Colorado Springs, there is plenty to do after the riding. Or, the Pacific Coast Highway. Awesome roads, scenery for days, and plenty of things to do off the bike.
  • Justin – PCH north to south, Durango Colorado

What location would be a dream ride for Off Road Bikes

  • RB – Baja California in Mexico. Tons of amazing spots to hit, and with the exchange rate, pretty cheap things to do when not riding. Since I haven’t ridden off road I don’t know what to expect, but from a pure aesthetic value, I think that would be sweet!
  • Justin – Australian outback, Moab Utah, Nevada
  • Ken – Death Valley, Moab Utah, Baja

Bucket List Rides Already Done:

  • Ken – Big Bend, The Twisted Sisters, and now The Pig Trail.
  • Justin – Exact same as ken
  • RB – I have had the chance to ride Big Bend, the Ozarks, Deals Gap, Blue Ridge Parkway, Mena, The Saudi Coast Highway, Swiss Alps, and Normandy. I would love to ride Deals Gap, Swiss Alps and Normandy again.

Closing Argument:
Do you prefer to ride with a passenger or not, and what are the things you have to do differently when having a passenger on the back?