Episode 33 – The Arkansas Story

Today we are discussing our adventures in Arkansas

It was dope. The end.

June 22nd 1,2,3 Event:
The 1-2-3 Event where we are celebrating B2W’s 1 year anniversary, the 2nd annual Honor Flight Fundraiser for Alamo City HOG, and the 3rd anniversary for the Bike ‘n’ Bird YouTube Channel. This will be taking place on Saturday, June 22nd at Cowboy’s Alamo City Harley-Davidson here in San Antonio.

  • Prep:
  • Ride there:
  • Air BNB
  • Rides around the Ozarks
  • Pig Trail (Hwy 23)
  • Getting Lost because HD GPS is garbage
  • Hanging out with The Ornery One (TJ) and Ornery Squaw (Steph)
  • Eureka Springs
  • Ride Back:

Closing Argument:
If money wasn’t an option, and you could only choose one, where would you buy a vacation home, Big Bend area or the Ozarks?