Episode 32 – 3 Harley Douchebags Test Ride Indians

Today we are discussing what happens when 3 Harley Riding Douchebags Test Ride Some Indians

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1 Year Discussion
June 22nd 1,2,3 Event:
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The Test Rides:

Justin: Didn’t ride it.
Ken: Just like a Road King. This one had 16" apes and kinda made it a little more difficult to handle, but was still comfortable to ride. Not sure how long it would remain comfortable long distance. Excellent suspension and comfortable seat.
Jonny: I felt this bike was torquier than the Road King. I really liked the ape hangers, I felt it handled quite well. It was easy to fling into the corners, and the weight distribution was spot on for me. It felt though that the center of gravity was slightly higher than the Road King; however the ape hangers may have added to that.

Ken: Seemed to handle just like a Street Glide. The one I rode was the Darkhorse 116. The sport mode really made the throttle twitchy and sensitive to any response, but felt a little lacking. Excellent suspension but I found the seat a little lacking.
Jonny: I rode the stage 2 version of the Chieftain, and I will say that the infotainment system booted up quicker than the HD; however, the everything else was on par with HD. It did take a little while for the bluetooth to pair to my iPhone, and it staying paired was something of an issue. I will say that the suspension felt extra squishy, and with me at 285lbs, I did bottom out over 1 pothole, which didn’t happen on the Springfield. The performance was lackluster, as in felt very similar to the Street Glide. I was not use to have a brake peg, I am used to having a pedal, so that threw me a little bit, as I found I was actually using the brake arm more when engaging the rear brakes. I am not a fan of their fairing; however, I do love the motorized windshield.
Justin: dope. Light. Lacked torque


Jonny: The lean felt great, no scraping of the boards at all, the seat was awesome, and the suspension was tuned perfectly. I wish I had that responsive and comfortable of a suspension on my road glide
Justin: didn’t ride it...
Ken: By far the most cushy and comfortable ride. The suspension was magical. Very nimble for such a large bike.

Justin: dope. Fast. wheelie happy. Like the screen. Low speed turning was top notch. Comfortable yet aggressive riding position
Jonny: This bike scared me a little, I think a little trickle of pee came out that first time the wheel came up. I am not a wheelie guy, but this bike is all about it. I like that rider nannies it had. The suspension was spot on. I felt comfortable for the most part, I did have a little leg cramp.
Ken: Fast wheelie machine. Torque was always there especially in 1st-3rd. Super easy to pull the front up. Pretty damn comfortable to ride. I'd only need to adjust shifter and brake levers for my big feet.

Justin: cool bike but felt like the worst of both worlds between a sportster and softail. Price wise it fits in between both models (11.5 for scout, 9.9 for sportster (1200) and 14.5 for entry softail). There was nothing that I could see/feel that justified the extra 1.5 grand to upgrade from the sporty.

Closing Argument:
What bike on the market today would get you to give up the Harley Life?