Episode 26 – Indian’s Super Secret Motorcycle & Harley New Model Confirmation for 2020 Model Year

Today we bring you some super secret squirrel news from Indian and some confirmations from Harley.

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The 1-2-3 Event in San Antonio:  We have teamed up with Cowboy’s Alamo City Harley-Davidson and their HOG chapter to bring you the 1-2-3 Event, which is not the official name, but it works well for our purposes. On June 22nd, we will be celebrating 3 amazing anniversaries, the 1 is for Between2Wheels 1st anniversary, 2 is for the 2nd annual Honor Flight Fundraiser & Raffle, and 3 is for Bike ‘n Bird’s 3rd year of making pretty decent content on YouTube. So, if you are out and about that day, head down to San Antonio and join us for 2 great celebrations and 1 worthy cause.

Indian’s New Motorcycle:

Indian Raptor (not confirmed as actual name)

Frame Mounted Fairing

Water-cooled 1770 cc V-Twin (108 ci for you American muscle types) which is not a current engine in their line-up, and is rumored to be a design that Polaris kept when they shuttered Victory (which had a 106 in their final years of production)

At this point, it is impossible to find official images, just leaked spy photos


  • Bring It Home Event:  In October, the Bring it home Harley ride will be taking place at the Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma. This event is to bring home the World Record for the longest parade of Harleys, which is currently held by Greece. The OG crew, being led by Justin will be hosting The Texas Roundup, which is a ride from San Antonio to the Choctaw casino on October 4th, so please come out and join us for this ride.  If you are not in San Antonio, you can join the ride at any part as we head up I-35 to DFW, and then east to Paris, and finally north to the casino. The event itself is on October 5th.

Harley has filed their design patents with the EU for the Pan America, Street Fighter, and Custom - Which means… we will actually be seeing these in the near future, or at least a couple.

Reviewing the EU Patents is a pain in the ass, so I went with other outlets’ reporting on this, but the designs have officially been filed, and shockingly, not a lot has changed from concept to production.

Street Fighter & Pan America is slated for the 2020 model year, so we should see them launch this August after the dealer show, so Justin, you will hopefully be able to get a hold of them shortly thereafter for a test ride video. The street fighter as it is still being called will probably get either the Bronx or 48x name plate. The designs will be flashed up on the video for this episode on YouTube and links to the original post that we saw will be in the show notes.


Closing Argument:

Are the Can-Am Spyders and Polaris Slingshots considered motorcycles, and do you give them a biker wave?