Episode 24 – Arlen Ness Tribute & Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show Recap

On today’s episode, we are starting with something sad, the loss of Arlen Ness, but we are providing a happy ending by providing a recap of the 2019 Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show.

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We all felt a tinge of pain on March 22 when the news of Arlen’s death hit social media. He has a great history of building some amazing motorcycles, a family business creating unique parts and accessories for almost all cruiser bikes, and a name that will be forever remembered as someone who inspired an entire generation to go out and build something unique!


Here is a brief history:

  • Born in 1939, in Moorhead Minnesota
  • Moved to California around the age of 12
  • He was a semi-professional bowler, which he used the earnings to buy a ‘47 Knucklehead
  • Ness gained recognition for designing a line of custom motorcycle parts and customizing his bikes with unique paint styles.
  • He built a number of award winning bikes, such as:
    • the Untouchable, a super stretched knucklehead powered cruiser with a unique carb out design, where the carbs are mounted to the downtubes of the frame, just behind the raked out forks.
    • Two Bad, a super unique bike powered by 2x shovelhead motors
    • The Ness Stalgia - built to resemble a 57 chevy
    • The Ness Arrow and Smooth Ness, both are tied for my favorites, and both are done up in an art deco styling, with the Smooth Ness taking its styling cues from the vintage Bugattis.
  • Arlen teamed up with Victory Motorcycles for 11 years to create the Victory Ness Signature series of bikes, that had the Ness family paint designs as well as Arlen Ness accessories and custom touches.
  • Arlen Ness inspired an entire generation of bike builders, and he will be deeply missed.
  • You can find out more about Arlen and his company by heading over to arlenness.com

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Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show Recap:

The closing argument:

When you see another biker pulled over to the side of the road, do you stop?


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