Episode 23 – Shadetree Surgeon Interview

Today we are having an intimate sit down with the infamous Shadetree Surgeon

Speedy Get to know you questions:

  • Tell us little bit about your riding history. How long have you been riding?
  • What was your first bike? (may be answered in 1st question)
  • When did you decide to start a YouTube channel? Why?
  • Where does the name Shadetree Surgeon come from?
  • What are you riding now?

Personal Stuff:

  • What is Shadetree Surgeon all about?
  • You’ve recently started racing dirt bikes. How has that process been?
  • Is owning a bar all it’s cracked up to be?
  • Your wife is also a YouTuber. Do you guys share tips and tricks?
  • Who was your biggest influence to get into riding?
  • We see you doing your own wrenching on project bikes here and there. What do you like/dislike about that?
  • Why do you cast so much shade on Harley - no judgement

YouTube/Content Creation:

  • You’ve been referred to as the godfather of motovlogging from some of the biggest motovloggers on YT. What do you think of that title?
  • As a Cruiser/ADV? YouTuber, do you think it’s more difficult to grow your channel as opposed to the other sport bike motovloggers?
  • To you, what has been the biggest factor to building your channel and community?
  • How often do you look at stats and analytics? What metrics do you most focus on? Why?
  • Your channel gets a lot of angry comments. How does this affect you and how do you respond?  

Link to his channel: YouTube