Episode 22 – The All New Electra Glide Standard & 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite

Today’s episode we talk about the history of the Electra glide, the “New” Electra glide standard, and Indian’s 2019 LE Roadmaster.

-The History of the Electra Glide

-Introduced in 1965 with the first electric start, hence the name “electra” (no fairing & hard bags)

-1966 received the Shovelhead

-1969 added fairing as an option (not standard)

-1979 Electra glide sport introduced (last one without a fairing)

-1994 the Road King became separate no fairing option

-1995 30th anniv. With optional fuel injection


Essentially all touring models were spawned from the electra glide. Even the trikes

I think the history of the Electra Glide is important because it has spawned off the entire touring lineup for Harley Davidson. The Electra Glide started off without a faring. As the fairing became standard I explained how the Road King became a version of the Electra Glide without a fairing. In 1979 Harley Davidson produced the Tour Glide basing it on the Electra Glide but with a stronger frame and a rubber mounted engine. The entire touring lineup are variations of what started off as the Electra Glide.

Electra Glide

Road King

Road Glide

Street Glide

and all the variations such as Electra Glide Classic, Road Glide Ultra, Street Glide Special, Ultra Limited Low etc. These are all variations of the Touring breed of Harleys that branched off the Electra Glide as its evolution started back in 1965.


-The 2019 Electra Glide Standard

Same as a street glide without a stereo (stereo can be added for about $2500w/labor but not from the factory)

Sub $19k

Road King special and higher style tail lights (bullet style)

Solo seat

ABS is an added option from the factory for $800

Security is standard

No LED’s

Only black and only 107

No heel shifter and no passenger setup



-Ken This is the perfect bike to get people into the touring fully dressed lineup and for those “purists” that don’t want all the additional stereo and GPS. They’re also killing the Ultra Classic and the Ultra Limited Low.

-RB – I agree, when this was an option back in 2008, this is the bike I was looking at. I wanted the ability to add my own stereo, hell I even had a marine grade stereo picked out on Crutchfield. I am not a purist by any means, I love my creature comforts like a stereo and gps, and I know we all have bluetooth, but back then, helmet was an option for me, and most of the time I chose no helmet, so having a loud stereo was important. The bikes in 2008 though had a pillion pad for the passenger, had pegs, and had the heel toe shifter, if my memory is serving me correctly. Back then though, the drivetrain was all silver, and you could get it in 3 color ways, where today the drivetrain is black



-An even more expensive Indian touring bike



Final Thoughts