Episode 21 – Women Riders, Interviewing Rosie, the Litas KC Co-Founder

Today we are talking to Rosie, the co-founder of the Litas Kansas City chapter, about women in the biker community, the social aspects that women focus on, and some of the amazing things women are bringing to the sport.

Speedy Get to know you questions:

  • Tell us little bit about your riding history.
  • When did you decide to start a Litas chapter, what got you interested in the Litas?

Social Stuff:

  • In your opinion, why do you feel it's better to start or join a "female only" riding group as opposed to just joining a standard riding group?
  • What are some things you would tell bike and gear manufacturers to help get more women into riding or to buy their stuff?
  • In your opinion, how has the sport changed with regards to the acceptance of women in a male dominated sport?
  • Outside of getting women to ride, what other objectives does the Litas have?
  • Where do you see the Litas headed in the future? What short term goals are there, and what are some long term goals?
  • Tell us about International Female Ride Day
  • Will you and your chapter be attending the BIH world record attempt?

Top 3 Faves:

  • Favorite Bike, money no option
  • Favorite Piece of Gear?
  • Favorite Riding Spot?

 Final Thoughts:

Find the Litas National and KC Chapter

International Female Ride Day:

International Female Ride Day Defined