Episode 20 – The ADV Episode

Today’s episode is all about Adventure Bikes, why we want them, love them, and hate them.

Before we get started, we just wanted to let you all know that Between2Wheels Television is live on youtube, you can find the link to the channel by heading over to betweentwowheels.com and clicking the “YT” link in the top right corner

What is Adventure Touring?

  • Difference between ADV and Dual Sport
  • The Ride on Amazon Video

Where are some ADV T Hot Spots in the US?

There is a website that has quite a few great spots in the Western US of A called Backcountry Discovery Routes (https://ridebdr.com/) and here are a few routes selected from their website:

  • Colorado- 675 miles of dirt, rock, sand, and water, goes from Wyoming to 4 corners
  • New Mexico- 1400+ miles leading out of Dell City, TX to the Colorado Border. Much of the trail goes through the parts of NM that William H Bonnie (Billy the Kid) hid out in during his run from the law.
  • Arizona- Bullhead City out to Pahrump, NV: a quick 200 mile jaunt through the desert and climbing through the McCullough mountain range. You will be riding just west of Las Vegas, so after the ride you can go have some fun in Vegas, nursing any injuries or soreness with some Craps, Black Jack, or whatever else your heart desires.

Since we are now including off roading to the mix, here are some gear ideas that you will want to consider:

  • Actual protective gear. This is specifically for the off road action. Reinforced knees and hip protection in the pants and elbows and shoulders in the jacket.
  • Camelbak or other water storage backpack. With hundreds of miles between civilization, water could literally be the difference between life and death. Good One!
  • Deep tread/waterproof boots, unlike street boots where the tread pattern is more geared towards the street, you will want some boots that will allow for traction in the mud and dirt, off road helmet that allows for goggles to be worn more comfortably

What ADV Bikes do we want to ride and which ones do we want to own?

JB – 

  • Ride = Everything
  • Own = Honda Africa Twin

UK –

  • Ride = BMW R 1250GS
  • Own = Africa Twin

RB –

  • Ride = BMW R 1250GS and the upcoming Pan America from Harley
  • Own = Triumph Tiger 1200 or the Africa Twin

Final Thoughts