Episode 2 – Favorite Mods, Bikes, and a Bike Build?

Episode 2

1. Top 5 Mods:

a. Jonny – Ape Hangers, Engine Swap/Big Bore Kit, Uncommon Paint, L.E.D. Light kits, Intake & Exhaust

b. Justin – Seat, Exhaust, L.E.D. Lights headlights and turn signals, Engine Tuner, storage (Thrashin Supply Saddle Bags)

          Ciro3d Shock & Awe LED lights – http://amzn.to/2iwFGWo

          Thrashin Supply Saddlebags- https://goo.gl/oiwRo6

c.  Ken – Suspension, Stage Kits (1-4), L.E.D. Light Kits and headlight and turn signals, Ape Hangers, Seat

2. Favorite Bikes:

a. Ken – Road Glide w/ABS

b. Justin – Battleship Gray CVO Road Glide or Red Road Glide

c. Jonny – CVO Road Glide

3. Bike Builds Past and Future

a. Sportster Series

b. Dyna Series

c. Future Group Builds – Veteran Bike Build/Giveaway?


Music credits: RayBurger – Fastfood