Episode 19 – 2019 Annual Predictions

Today we are discussing our predictions for 2019 in the motorcycle world.

Before we start, a special shoutout to Hunter who is currently serving in East Africa with the Texas National Guard.

Let’s start with our favorite subject: Harley-Davidson
We know the live wire is coming this year… What else do we feel we will be seeing?
Bikes, Paint, Etc. (August for the 2020 Model Year, Mid Year is February):

  • Custom
  • Pan America
  • Street Fighter
  • Bicycles?

Motorcycle Industry:

  • EV Bikes:
  • Where do we see this going?
  • How will it evolve?
  • Hydrogen Power?
  • CNG Bikes?

Most likely shift in trends:

  • Departure of Super Sports?
  • ADV
  • Sport Touring
  • Sport Nakeds
  • Trikes?

Other Predictions:

  • Bike n Bird Channel
  • Between2Wheels YouTube and Podcast