Episode 18 – Breaking Down Sucks, Yuppie News, Death of a Legend

On today’s episode we are discussing What to do if your bike breaks down on the road, Some Yuppie Biker News, and some interesting information for 2019.

As you may recall, back on episode 2 we discussed plans for Operation Clean Slate. If you don’t recall, we plan to obtain a motorcycle, customize it, and give it to a deserving Veteran. With that being said, we have started a patreon page to help raise money for the build. We are working with some corporate sponsors as well, but as we all know, bikes aren’t cheap. Other than donating money to a worthy cause, you will get some benefits as well. For our big wheels and power wheels members, you will have access to our podcast live streams, as well as our build live streams, live Q&A sessions and more. This will give you a behind the scenes view into the antics and dumb shit we do that is edited out for the final released episodes. Also, for our power wheels members, after 6 months of membership, you will receive a sticker pack and tshirt. So head over to www.betweentwowheels.com and click on our patreon link to become a member of the B2W crew.

 Talk about Tracy’s 1500 Gold Attempt

These are choices if you bike is completely shut down and you can’t limp it back safely:


Depending on manufacturer, Harley shops will typically help you out, but if you have a dealership nearby, they will come pick you up. Use your phone’s map to find a dealership that is nearby and give them a call.

Phone a friend:

Depending on your inner circle of friends, you can contact them to come pick you and the bike up.  In the OG crew, we have access to two trucks and two trailers. Make sure you repay them with gas money and food, always food, for their time.

Rider Membership:

Harley Owners Group  will provide up to $100/year to get you and your bike to the nearest Harley shop, which is included with your annual HOG membership. Keep you HOG card handy as you will need this.

Goldwing Road Riders Association:  As a member, they will cover up to $35 per breakdown to get you to your home or a dealership, this is upgradeable to $100 per breakdown for an additional annual fee

Insurance company:

Many insurance companies have a provision called trip interruption or something similar – If you break down, they will tow you to the nearest shop, typically within 50 miles. Over 50 miles, you will have to cover the cost.  Some have a roadside assistance package as well, but you have to elect and pay for it.

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Yuppie Bike News:

In 2018, we saw a number of “cafe” style bikes hit the market, most notably from Kawasaki. Well, for the 2019 model year, Kawasaki is continuing the model with the W800 Cafe, which boasts an amazing 40+ horsepower and sub 50 torque. Other cafe style bikes to look for in 2019 are: New Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer, Kawasaki Z900, Triumph Thruxton, and the BMW R NINET Racer.


Interesting Information Hitting for 2019

The number of women riding almost doubles in past decade article

 Death of the BUSA! Article