Episode 17 – Operation Clean Slate, B2W TV, and IMS 2019

On today’s episode, we will be discussing Operation Clean Slate, Between2Wheels TV, and recapping our trip to the 2019 International Motorcycle Show in Dallas, TX.

As you may recall, back on episode 2 we discussed plans for Operation Clean Slate. If you don’t recall, we plan to obtain a motorcycle, customize it, and give it to a deserving Veteran. With that being said, we have started a patreon page to help raise money for the build. We are working with some corporate sponsors as well, but as we all know, bikes aren’t cheap. Other than donating money to a worthy cause, you will get some benefits as well. For our big wheels and power wheels members, you will have access to our podcast live streams, as well as our build live streams, live Q&A sessions and more. This will give you a behind the scenes view into the antics and dumb shit we do that is edited out for the final released episodes.  Also, for our power wheels members, after 6 months of membership, you will receive a sticker pack and tshirt. So head over to www.betweentwowheels.com and click on our patreon link to become a member of the B2W crew.

We are also announcing the go live of the Between2Wheels YouTube channel, Between2Wheels TV.

  • Not every podcast episode will have an accompanying video to go over what we are talking about, just the ones that need it (like test rides, product and how to demonstrations, etc.)
  • We will also start doing video casts during the podcast. As patreon members, you will get to see it live as we are recording, which is typically 2-3 weeks ahead of the release of the podcast

So look for the YouTube channel soon!

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Favorite Stuff:

Ken –

Justin –

  • Honda Africa Twin
  • Indian FTR1200
  • BMW R 1250 GS

Jonny –

  • Can-Am Ryker Rallye Edition – MSRP $11k
  • Confederate Motorcycles FA-13 Combat Bomber – MSRP $135k
  • BMW R 1250 GS – MSRP $18k

Size of the Show

People we met

  • Adam Sandoval
  • Fast Life Garage
  • Biker Living Magazine
  • Texas Performance

After Parties


Anvil Pub with Fast Life Garage and Podcast