Episode 16 – Big Bend Road Trip Recap and Story

On today’s episode we are recapping our Big Bend road trip.

Justin’s new bike – or is it?

Justin gets to borrow a bike from one of his BnB sponsors (Alamo City Harley-Davidson), a 2017 Road Glide Ultra

Road trip rules

  • Must stop for beef jerky
  • Respect people’s time and all the planning (partially removed from episode to protect the guilty party)
  • Don’t be the first to fall asleep, especially super early

Texas ain’t flat – We rode through parts of the most mountainous areas in Texas with super steep grades, ear popping elevation changes, and areas where the sun was completely blocked

Winter in the desert is not the same as winter in the city

National Park riding

  • Disabled Veterans enter for free. If you are in a car, the car gets in for free, to include all of the passengers. You will need to provide your VA card to receive your “disabled” park card, though the gate house guard was super cool and gave us the cards without our VA cards.
  • Super clean, well maintained roads
  • The scenery changes are incredible

Pranks will be played

  • The guys wrapped a 2017 Road King with half of an industrial strength saran wrap

Justin actually got a new bike (not the same bike)

  • After he and miss bird fell in love with the RGU, they decided to purchase that one; however, a small twist happened.

Justin’s Video of the Trip