Episode 14 – The Biker Xmas Wish List

On this episode, we are bringing you some Christmas shopping ideas for the bikers in your life, broken down into 3 areas:  Under $50, Under $150, and Under $350. Be sure to check out the show notes for links to all of the products we mention.

Under $50:  9 items (3 each)


VIDEO: https://youtu.be/gp26vvCLzkU

  • LED Light Kit. Good starter set with 8 strips, remote, and simple install. $35
  • Battery Tender. Great for keeping the battery in tip top shape for those that don’t have the ability to ride every day. $45 on Amazon.


  • Bike cover For those that don’t have the luxury of a garage or covered parking or just to keep it clean while working around it. On Amazon for as little as $20
  • Grip and Brake Lock An alternative to a disc lock this lock immobilizes the throttle and engages the front brake. On Amazon for about $40.
  • Multipurpose Helmet Lock This lock allows you to lock your helmet to your bike but can also be threaded through a jacket sleeve or multiple helmets with its 6 foot cable.


  • Rain gear. The one thing every biker needs but almost never has. $49
  • Tire Inflator. Make sure it’s 110v because 12v is a PITA (unless you have a touring bike) $49
  • Disc Lock. The thing you never need until you need it. Preferred with audio alarm $24

Under $150:  9 items (3 each)


  • Scala Freecom 2 This is a solo rider or rider to passenger bluetooth device. Take calls, listen to music, hear directions, etc. Come in on Amazon at about $120.
  • FOBO Tire Pressure Sensors Allows the rider to monitor tire pressure via smartphone app and can support up to 19 sensors in all. About $100 on Amazon.
  • Anti-Gravity Powerbank This portable powerbank can not only jump start a dead bike but up to a 7.4 liter diesel truck and power all your electronics. About $90 on Amazon


VIDEO: https://youtu.be/eGXUWw-pAW0


Under $350:  9 items (3 each)


VIDEO: https://youtu.be/sIRxkaef3HQ

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rfJx1ElbKcs



  • Motorcycle Dolly Perfect to store your bike on to allow more mobility in your garage. This model is solid aluminum hold up to 1500lbs and runs about $290 on Amazon.
  • Biltwell Exflil 80 This bag perfect for a 3-4 day weekend. Has a waterproof cover and the necessary straps to secure it to your sissy bar. Retails for $199 on Get Lowered.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/SlKBZNW3bZE

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/sR8NneDbBrs