Episode 12 – Adam Sandoval Interview

On today’s episode, we are bringing you a very special guest, Adam Sandoval from the Adam Sandoval Rides YouTube channel, and founder of ScootinAmerica.

Speedy Get to know you questions:

  • How long have you been riding?
  • You have officially ridden in all 48 of the contiguous states?
  • How many Harley shops have your visited?
  • What was your first bike? (may be answered in 1st question)
  • What do you currently ride?
  • When did you decide to start a YouTube channel? Why?
  • Someone finds your channel for the first time. What can they expect?


Charitable Stuff:

  • Tell us about ScootinAmerica and Mission: Thank you, and how much money you have raised for charity
  • What is the “Americans” brand all about?


Other Stuff:

  • What happened to you and Harley? The timing seemed a little suspicious when the world record ride didn’t happen.
  • You and Ashley – Wedding Bells? I know a great wedding planner and coordinator who supports vets (shameless Tracy plug)
  • Tell us about Scooter


Favorite BIke – No Money

Favorite Gear (type)

Dream Ride