Episode 11 – Harley vs Indian – Which is Better

On this episode, we are recapping what Harley has released for their initial 2019 lineup, Honda’s updated CB1000R, and we are comparing Indian and Harley based on what we think matters most, the rider’s experience

Harley Release

  • New Boom Box for Fairing mounted Touring Bikes
  • 114” in Touring specials
  • FXDR 114

Honda CB1000R

  • $13,000 naked bike
  • Comparable to the Yamaha MT-10 and the KTM Superduke R
    • Yamaha is still rocking the Matte Gray and Yellow colorway, just over 158hp, $13k
    • Superduke R is a 1300cc 177hp monster but nearly $18k
    • CB1000R has slightly over 100hp
  • Jonny: Prefer the look of the Yamaha front end, but the Super Duke R’s overall appearance

Indian Harley Comparison

  • Family Price Tags
    • Midsize Cruisers
      • Scouts vs 1200 Sportsters
        • Indian $9k – $11,500 – 3 Models, offers ABS as an option
        • Harley $10k – $11,300 – 5 Models, offers ABS as an option
        • Winner – Choices go to Harley, Price and style goes to Indian
    • Heavyweight Cruisers
      • Chiefs vs Softails
        • Indian $17,500 – $19,500 – 3 Models, ABS standard
        • Harley $14,500 – $21,350 – 10 Models, ABS optional, 3x Frame Setup options, 2x engine options on some models
        • Winner – Harley, though this is their flagship model and where they own the largest market share
    • Baggers/Touring
      • Springfields/Chieftain/Road Masters vs Road King and Glides
        • Indian $20k – $37k – 11 models, ABS Standard, bigger motor standard
        • Harley $19k – $28k – 10 models, ABS optional on some, standard on others, 2x engine options on some models
        • Winner – Discussion
  • Features
    • ABS is standard on all heavyweight bikes from Indian, $800 option on most of the Harleys
    • Fairing/Windshield options with Harley is better than Indian
    • Styling on the Indians is dope; however, it is limited
    • Ride Command vs Boom Box – Screen Size goes to Indian, with the 2019 Boom Box, feature set goes to Harley, especially for those with iPhones (Harley has had a partnership with Apple for quite some time), according to Indian’s website, the Ride Command system and Nav boots up nearly 2x faster, not sure of the comparison to the 2019 Boom Box system.
  • Final Thoughts:
    • Justin
    • Ken
    • Jonny