Episode 10 – John Maxwell Interview

Episode 10 – The John Maxwell Interview

Speedy Get to know you questions:

  • Tell us little bit about your riding history. How long have you been riding?
  • How is the riding in Georgia?
  • What was your first bike? (may be answered in 1st question)
  • What do you currently ride? (trade in/selling?)
  • When did you decide to start a YouTube channel? Why?
  • Where did you attend school to become a Harley Tech? Tell us a little about that experience.
  • Someone finds your channel for the first time. What can they expect?
  • How does your wife/family deal with the channel?
  • You recently got the chance to attend the HD dealer show in cali. Tell us how you managed to get that privilege and what did you think about it?


Personal Stuff:

What is John Maxwell/ TheHarleyTech all about?

Tell us about a normal day in the life of John Maxwell.

How have your co-workers reacted to your channel? ->

Do they recognize the success/potential?

Your channel unsurprisingly gets a lot of negative comments from the self proclaimed professional mechanics of the world. How does this affect you and how do you respond?

With your channel, how do you choose what content to put on the channel vs what not to put on it?

Have you had any regrets about starting a channel? Why or why not?


YouTube/Content Creation:

As a Harley YouTuber, do you think it’s more difficult to grow your channel as opposed to the other sport bike motovloggers?

To you, what has been the biggest factor to building your channel and community?

What’s your favorite part of making videos?

How often do you look at stats and analytics? What metrics do you most focus on? Why?

Where do you see your channel this time next year? Next 5 years.

What would it take to get you to become a full time content creator?


Favorite Bike, money no option

Favorite Piece of Gear?

Favorite Place to ride or somewhere you want to go ride?