Episode 1 – Who Are We?

Episode 1

Who we are:
Jonny – I am a Navy veteran from Texas, and I have been riding for about 18 years, starting out on a GSX-R 750, and at the age of 21, graduated to a Softail Standard. Since then, I have been on nothing but Harley touring bikes, owning 2x Road Glides, 1x Road King, and my current bike, a 2018 Street Glide Special. My biker background includes the Chapter SAA and Sec/Tres for a veteran MC, where after a couple of years I got tired of the BS with everyone wanting to be 1%s, so I turned in my colors. I was then talked into being the secretary for my local HOG chapter, where I was already a road captain. After a couple of years, my wife and I ended up leaving the chapter and moved to North Carolina. Returning to Texas, I ended up meeting Justin and Ken and here we are today.

Justin – mM dad raced motocross growing up and wanted me to experience the same. Rode motocross up until I was about 17 and after a bad accident decided that it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. When I turned 19 I had a brief stint with sport bikes with my 2009 CBR before buying my first Harley in 2016. I also grew up loving photography and videography so when I found out about motovlogging (a motorcycle YouTuber basically) I had to give it a shot. Fast forward almost 2 years and we now have almost 13,000 subscribers and have become the number 1 Harley channel in Texas.

Ken – I am an Air Force veteran from Texas with 15 years of riding experience. My very first bike was a Honda CR250 I had in 8th grade that I promptly wrecked and didn’t get on another motorcycle for another ten years. My first street bike was a Suzuki Katana 750 that I rode all over Montana for a couple years before selling to a friend. After that, I rode various friends bike over the years until meeting my wife. My wife who at the time rode a Kawasaki Ninja 650 really inspired me to get another bike and I ended up buying my first Harley, a 2015 Road Glide. In 2016 I met Bird and Roadblock going to the Texas Moto Meet and we really hit it off and have been riding together ever since.

What we are about:
Talking about motorcycle companies, primarily cruiser based companies like Harley, Indian, etc.
-indians publicity moves with Travis pastrana
Talking about the bike life in Texas, like the culture, style, and what it is like being young and a biker.

Rides, parts, upgrades, etc.

Why are we doing this:
We have a passion for our sport, and unfortunately bikers are typically thought of as douche bags, and we want to shed light on the other side of what we do.
We consider ourselves lovers of all things bikes, so we love sharing our thoughts and opinions about them in hopes to start a conversation. Just remember, 60% of what we say is fact and the rest will probably be bull shit, or is it the other way around? Who knows!

We want to rub in the face of all our norther brothers and sisters that Texans have the ability to ride pretty much year-round on some of the prettiest roads in the country.

Pre Ride Meeting
The meeting should cover, at a minimum, this is not an exhaustive list:

Where we are going
What route we will be taking – geography to expect
Where the stops will be for fuel, food, etc.
VERY IMPORTANT – Every rider should only ride to their ability, and understand that the leader will wait for everyone to get caught up before making any turns off the current road (especially when riding single file through the twisties)
What hand signals will be used, making sure everyone knows the meanings
What the plan will be if the group gets split up
What the riding positions will be (single file, staggered, etc.)
No showing off/doing stupid shit
Finally, at least for this list, find out who knows basic first aid, and find out who has a first aid kit on them.