Harley’s New Truck?

As we know, Harley is trying feverishly to attract new customers to the brand and to make sure the brand can be relevant with the younger generations. Well, as we also know, there has been a long run of Harley-Davidson edition Ford F150s through Tuscany Motor Company, a division of Fox (The suspension company).  Apparently now, through Tuscany Motors, Harley fans can get a Harley edition GMC Sierra. Over at HarleyTruck.com you are able to see the two trucks in all their grandeur, and their price tags. Yes, the Harley editions also carry the Harley tax on them. The price tag is $97k for the F150 and $95k for the GMC. Now if we break this down, are these trucks really worth what you are getting?  For Ford trucks, the top of the line is the Limited model and it’s starting price for the super crew is $67k, and the top of line Sierra Denali is around $66k. So are you actually getting $30k worth of upgrades when you go for the Harley edition? 


On these trucks you get (taken from Tuscany’s website):

  • 4 – 22” harley-davidson exclusive “fatboy style” wheels
  • 4 – 35/12.5/22 all-terrain tires
  • bds suspension exclusively designed for harley-davidson
  • harley-davidson exclusively tuned “fox” performance shocks
  • power deploying lighted running boards with rock guard trim
  • painted rock guard end caps and custom fender flares
  • painted front fender vents with bar and shield logo
  • harley-davidson lettering on front doors
  • painted custom front bumper cover with skid plate
  • full replacement painted grille assembly with accent color
  • honeycomb insert bumper, grille, and hood
  • led light bar integrated into front bumper cover (led lights for off road use only)
  • full replacement functional ram air hood
  • raptor style hood insert
  • harley-davidson windshield header
  • flowmaster performance tuned exhaust
  • dual billet aluminum exhaust tips with orange accents
  • painted custom rear bumper covers
  • harley-davidson branded tailgate cladding
  • harley-davidson painted tonneau cover with carpet liner and embossed bar & shield logo.
  • harley-davidson branded bedrug bed liner
  • custom leather seat covers with orange diamond pattern
  • embroidery and harley-davidson badging
  • accent color door panels, dash & steering wheel trim
  • harley-davidson numbered edition console emblem
  • harley-davidson logo carpeted floor mats
  • harley-davidson door sill logos
  • harley-davidson stainless steel gauges
  • billet racing pedals
  • deep tinted windows (50 state)

Okay, now that we have seen what you are getting, let’s really take a look at what $30k gets you.

  • Wheels and Tires - They are upgrading the truck’s wheels to custom “Fatboy” inspired wheels with beefier tires. But don’t get a flat, because you are only getting four wheels and tires, no spare.
  • Badging and Paint- You are getting a ton of Harley badging and factory color options, as long as those options are Black, White, and Leadfoot (a gray/pewter color) for the Ford, and White and Black for the GMC.
  • Suspension - You are getting a lift kit and fox shocks, basically, you could go get the lift you actually want for about $3k; however, it should be noted that I was unable to find if this truck is a 4x4 or 4x2, though by the pictures it looks to have a front differential, so it is probably a 4x4.
  • Cargo area - This is probably my biggest “ewww” on this truck.  The bed is carpeted and the tonneau cover is solid, so if you want to haul anything that sticks out above the lip of the bed, you may run into some issues. If you want to tow your Harley in the back of the truck, you will have to take off the tonneau cover, which is a major pain in the ass. There is a huge Harley logo embossed on the cover, so just in case people didn’t see the other 40 Harley badges, they will for sure see the cover’s logo, if they are tall enough. Now let’s face it, if someone is dropping nearly $100k on a truck, they probably can afford a trailer to tow their bike, and they probably aren’t going to the local home improvement store to buy landscaping materials. So my complaints here are probably unfounded.
  • Interior - Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due, the interior looks amazing. I am personally a Ram owner, and I have always felt the Ram’s interior was the best of all the full size trucks out there; however, this interior is hands down the best I have ever seen. I do still prefer the technology package you get with the Ram’s infotainment system over what you are getting with the Ford and GMC, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.


To be honest, I can’t see myself buying these trucks. I simply can’t. Yes, I am a Harley fan boy, we all know this. I literally have a Harley tattoo on my calf, but dropping $97k on a truck, sorry bud! Yes, I am deeply entrenched with the Mopar trucks, but in reality, if I was to spend that kind of money, it wouldn’t be on this. I am a truck/suv guy. At 6’3 and over 275 lbs, I don’t fit in most cars comfortably. If I was going to go down the route of high end trucks, I would rather put that money in something like a Ford Raptor, which fully decked out would only cost me $78k, or I would deck out a Ram 2500 with a Cummins which would cost me $82k.


Is the Harley truck a good buy? Yes and No. If you are like me and use a truck for more than getting from point a to point b, you may be better off going with a different option; however, if you are someone who likes having exclusive things and driving a luxurious truck, then sure, this could be the truck for you. Is it for the younger generation, hell no! Gen Y and Z folks can barely afford a $15,000 Harley, let alone a $97,000 truck. Harley would have been better suited to upgrade a Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, or a Challenger if they wanted to go after the younger market. Hell, even upgrade a Corvette, which many Harley owners are also Vette owners, so that would be a natural progression, but hey, the Luxury brand that is Harley knows best!s

All images are from harleytruck.com, the view expressed here are those of the author, and do not reflect the views and opinions of anyone else. The author is in no way associated with Harley-Davidson(tm) Tuscany Motors (tm) or any other brands that may be mentioned within this article.